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WHY TO WORRY ..............


  • shyjuk

    Total Posts:205
  • Posted On: 11/Nov/2006 10:12:12
    WHY TO WORRY ..............
    You can't expect all the films sucesss from an actor ..of course we have t o tel l the reality ..if a film is flop means we have to agree ....the same thing if it is good also ... Do we have any other actor in India who is accepted by the common man and the critics? People adore him.Mohanlal is a unique phenomenon in Indian cinema. In fact, he is the best actor India has ever produced. Please wait and see .......and hope for good films from lalettan ......

  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 11/Nov/2006 12:18:39
    lalettan the great actor
    there is another actor in India who is also accepted by critic and mass and this great man is India film ambassador and he is none other than amitabh bachchan. the greatest thing about amitji is that he himself is a great fan of our dear star....what more can we say about our dear lalettan...

  • pramod

    Total Posts:85
  • Posted On: 11/Nov/2006 22:55:19
    although aome films are not acepted by the masses, mohan lal has done sterling performances like that in photographer. in this film the subtle change of expressions from our great actor cannot be matched by any other actor.

  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 12/Nov/2006 2:10:15
    none can do like lalettan even 50 % of his skills. And yes photographer was a good one the direction was the problem. I really go sad seeing destruction of a treat story. It would have been a mega hit if done carefully and with a good director. But what to say,,,, waiting for akashagopuram and paradeshi.

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