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Mallus are crazy for movies and superstars like anyone else but...


  • prince2006

    Total Posts:10
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 11/Nov/2006 2:4:15
    Mallus are crazy for movies and superstars like anyone else but...
    Its not correct to say that kerala is a small state with just 40-50 release stations & thats why we can't afford big budgets. A small comparison : A telugu film (Pokiri) released in 200 centres made a profit of 40crores as per a report. As per another report Rasatandram made the biggest grosser with 21 crores. But on a comparitive ratio this is much higher than Pokiri. It means that mallus are also crazy about movies. Ofcourse out of 10 movies in malayalam only 2-3 become hits. Rest are washouts. Who is to be blamed? I dont think public. Its the producer-director-script writer who fail to understand the pulse of public. Anything new, fresh has been always accpeted by malayalis. Be it commercial or semi. So the point is lack of good stories like MANICHITRATAZHU, KILUKKAM etc...I am proud of our cinema but sad that there is not enough good script writers. But still we are better compared to TN,AP. Why cant we copy from Hollywood ...there is no scarcity of themes in hollywood !!!!

  • shyjuk

    Total Posts:205
  • Posted On: 11/Nov/2006 9:21:27
    now a day's in malayalam film's , the main problem is due to lack of good scripts...and also directors they are not utlising their talent s.......also in malluwood there is no followers after our lalettan n mammu ...but in tamil ,telugu ...........the story is diffrent ...there youngstirs film's are gng well .....it's not like depend's on stories ....there it's like that ...in malayalam after a long time youngstirs made a come back thrugh CLASSMATES ......the sucess is due to entire team work .....

  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 11/Nov/2006 10:4:25
    lack of script writers
    i think one aspect of malayalam movie is the lack of good scripts. thats for sure. only when a commanding scripudgt requires a big budget that one can make a big budget movie. i think we malayalees will accept big budget movies if the script requires so...

  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 12/Nov/2006 2:6:40
    yes lack of good script is still a problem for malayalam film industry. WE are not getting good writers. I think blessy can do something.

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