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Photographer - Not a bad movie


  • vijay

    Total Posts:47
  • Posted On: 5/Nov/2006 10:56:56
    Photographer - Not a bad movie
    Friends, Sorry in advance for taking this topic again. But I've felt like telling this to you all for quite some time now. There have been so much discussions, opinions and talks about the success/failure of Photographer. After watching the film, I personally felt that it is not a bad movie after all. The only problem was the slow pace with which it was inching forward. I read various reports from several sources like it has not even recovered the print & publicity expenses. Also, I read reports that fans of Mohanlal caused commotion in several theatres. I don't understand why people are doing this. When compared to movies like 'Hariharan Pilla Happyyaanu', 'Onnaman', 'Praja' and similar masaala movies, Photographer is far far better. I wonder why these movies did not fail at the box office, despite having stupid story lines. Photographer is not bad, but could have been good or better, had Ranjan Pramod taken shots with more pace and moved the story forward quicker.

  • anandthirumala

    Total Posts:56
  • Posted On: 5/Nov/2006 21:4:39
    You are absolutely right.
    I felt the same thing. I think it is a not a bad movie at all. If you compare it with Thaskaraveeran and BusConductor and all it is a class movie, even then mammoo fans made all those stupid movies an average hit. If Lalettan's fans did the havoc then it is bad. The main problem with the movie is it is slow paced, there are few loopholes in the script also but that when compared to all those stupid movies of mamoos is ok I believe.

  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 6/Nov/2006 1:25:57
    Yes film is not having any bad theme. It was a different theme. But direction and screenplay was the problem. I would have been great movie if ranjan gave it to any good director

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