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What's the best Lalettan film?


  • jjc

    Total Posts:7
  • Posted On: 18/Dec/2004 14:57:48
    What's the best Lalettan film?
    Balettan was an extraordinairy film! It showed that Mohanlal doesn't have to play Narasimham roles to have a great film. What do u guys think? Post a reply about the film u think is the best one with Mohanlal. I would love to hear from you. Mohanlal rulesss!!!!

    Show Me the MONEY yalllll !!!!!

  • snoop75

    Total Posts:2
    Location:United States of America
  • Posted On: 12/Apr/2005 9:13:18
    Best Mohanla Film...
    Okay, I will give you that Balettan(sp?) was an okay film but to even suggest that it might be his best is ludicrous and probably insulting to the best actor in Cinema period. How can you forget Chitram, Devasuram, Spadikam, Keeridom, Chengol...the list goes on and on. Please don't insult the man by characterising his work in Balettan as his best.

  • suchitra

    Total Posts:99
  • Posted On: 3/Dec/2005 5:11:58
    best film
    there is lot of best films in malayalam, but our lalettan's hits covers 80% of the whole. so not only balettan, it start from Manjil virinjal pookal to latest naran

  • rahulsubash

    Total Posts:42
  • Posted On: 17/Feb/2006 8:43:2
    sorry to inform you that..........
    Everybody has forgotten lalettan performance as the psychiatrist sunny in blockbuster movie manichithrathazhu.the character which was silly initially evolved into a great performance towards the climax only because of lal & think how rajani failed miserably emoting the same character luckily though the film chandra mukhi was a hit.also dont forget lal in the film Pavithram thogh the film flopped the role played by lalettan drew tears from the audien eyes towards its climax where he becomes mentally abnormal,like the role of kamal in the film moonampiraai

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