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Silents....where are you guys


  • sanjunmenon

    Total Posts:500
    Location:United Arab Emirates
  • Posted On: 22/Dec/2011 8:14:2
    Silents....where are you guys
    Silents is creeping into our site...No news about Lalettan, his movies...etc...No active discussion...People like Vishnu...Sumesh...Praveen are off this site...what is happening?

    ദൈവത്തിന്റെ കയ്യോപ്പോടെ പിറന്ന മലയാളത്തിന്റെ പുണ്യം, ഇന്ത്യയുടെ അഹങ്കാരം...അതാണ്‌ ലാലേട്ടന്‍.....

  • praveen

    Total Posts:209
  • Posted On: 22/Dec/2011 11:57:18
    hi sanju..
    I'm here.. seems others are busy with Mullaperiyar..

    - Praveen

  • sree019

    Total Posts:55
  • Posted On: 22/Dec/2011 16:42:27
    you are right.Now a days there is no discussions in this site

  • sumeshc

    Total Posts:276
  • Posted On: 23/Dec/2011 8:52:32




  • chennai123

    Total Posts:1
  • Posted On: 24/Dec/2011 13:37:36
    need a change with no time

    being this era every actor should adopt some changes within them since competetion are at its maximum and actors accross the country started to demonstrate their versatility as much they can ... wherein our dearmost lalaettan still in the trap of his default mannerism/getup and style of dialogue delivery which make audience little boring as well.He should change the style according to the characters.....we can see lalettan's dialogue delivery for a hindu/muslim and a christian characters are on same Inflection(accent) whereas other actors including youngsters is very much scores here as they are transforming to the screens by delivering apt accent and delivery through dialogs and with vivid mannerism.

    I don think so its a difficult one for lalettan (a terrific actor in the country can portray almost all kind of expression on his face with no time other than anyone ) but he should purposefully change his approach on this purticularly voice modulation and delivery..if he would have done so ..couple of films could have been re-surfaced to a bumber hits..

    the second one is he has to reduce his belly and fat to regain his flexibilty and fitness for sure

    he is a professional and a true winner and no requirement of a person like me to advise him or show him the way but
    we collectively want this super actor to be cherish his fame all the time and to entertain us with his classy expression...simply we love him ..want to see him at the heights always!!!!

  • vshekar

    Total Posts:391
  • Posted On: 26/Dec/2011 14:0:47
    Sanju annaa..
    Njan ividey ondeeey..Lalettanu onnum patteettilla oro kalathum oro samayathum oro tharam cinemakal..athreyullu.Quality will emerge in its supremacy when oppurtunity provokes the supremes.Sulaan.

    with lot of fun and love only, vishnu
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