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Rock 'N' Roll


  • vijay

    Total Posts:47
  • Posted On: 17/Nov/2007 1:43:7
    Rock 'N' Roll
    Just returned after noonshow from Priyadarshini. Rock 'N' Roll is meant to be Fun 'N' Masthi. Lalettan looks cool. I liked his appearance. Story wise, there is nothing new. I would give 3.5 out of 5.

  • mrx

    Total Posts:132
    Location:United States of America
  • Posted On: 17/Nov/2007 8:18:17
    Thank you vijay.........
    it is a great news...[br] WAITING FOR VIJESH...

    Mrx is COOL!

  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 17/Nov/2007 8:49:33
    Thanks Mate
    Thanks for the review. Good reports from all over.

  • niju2007

    Total Posts:43
  • Posted On: 17/Nov/2007 9:6:57
    size=12][size=18]njan paranjappo oruthannum viswasikkan vayyaaaa.... LALETTAN ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS kando......LALETTAN KI JAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...RENJITH KI JAIIIIIIII...... enna padavada....better than HALLO(my opinion)...... i early said that it is like "SUMMER IN BETHLEHEM".pakshe aarum vishwasichilla...ippo manasilayallo... +ves introduction scene super,1st half super(kandirikkam)...2nd half super super super....comedy comedy comedy(jagathy+suraj+siddque....) full of laughs in almost all scenes till climax....songs adipoli... link - http://www.forumkerala.com/post-593085.html -ves lalettan sometimes over-acted(like in HALLO) athreyeullu.....veronnu illaaaaaaaaaaa it's a not a 75+ movie.......IT'S A 100+ MOVIEEEEEEEEEEEEE MACHA PADAM KAANUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU[/size][/size].......

  • mohanlallal

    Total Posts:36
  • Posted On: 18/Nov/2007 11:55:41
    week points
    what areb the weekness you find in rock n role. i think songs are avg.

  • niju2007

    Total Posts:43
  • Posted On: 18/Nov/2007 22:45:28
    what weakness?
    we should'nt criticise the film.Even if half of the mohanlal fans watch the film without listening to negative reports, then rock and roll will be a big hit.I am sure Lal fans are enjoying the film. The problem lies in the fact that we mohanlal fans always try to think too intelligently regarding Lalettan films. That's why sites like Sify and Rediff always always trying to down ride lal films and lalettan also. Sify rarely says bad regarding Mammooty's acting and appearance .

  • soumya2007

    Total Posts:182
  • Posted On: 19/Nov/2007 11:45:0
    you are currect
    it is not the time to publish publicaley about fault in the filim.but chanthama chanthamama song looks good but not tromentous. we want even more good song.espasseley the filim is about drummer.
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