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AAG - Stunning performance by Mohanlal


  • vijay

    Total Posts:47
  • Posted On: 9/Sep/2007 20:22:50
    AAG - Stunning performance by Mohanlal
    Saw AAG today from Priyadarshini. Not much needs to be said about the story since everyone knows is already. But there is one 'phenomenon' in the movie which will certainly touch your heart... and that is MOHANLAL !! His performance is beyond words. The theatre was filled with applause when Mohanlal appeared clean shaved(part of the story before his fingers get chopped off). He looks much younger then, simply stylish and charismatic. For a moment, we feel proud that it is 'OUR LALETTAN'. Appearance of Abhishek Bachan was a surprise. Whatever be the fate of the movie in North India(going by the mixed reports coming in), in Kerala, the film I hope, will be a success. The film starts showing Mohanlal's face, it is the story of Mohanlal's character and the film ends showing Mohanlal's face... Go and enjoy it friends. You won't get to see such stunning performances from Lalettan and Amitabh Bachan very often..

  • zero0

    Total Posts:2
  • Posted On: 17/Nov/2007 9:49:42
    RGV ki AAG
    It was beter lal should not have been acted in this film
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