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Which type film lal fans need?


  • abieschat2006

    Total Posts:201
  • Posted On: 20/Aug/2007 7:41:59
    Which type film lal fans need?
    Many days after am writing a subject in this forum. After seeing Alibhai One question araising me in my mind, that question just to Mr. Antony Perumbavoor. When the puja of Alibhai he says it is for lal fans. Can we (lal fans) need only lalettans 'meesapiriyan films'??. We are very satisfy with these type masala films???. Mr. Antony, Why Hallo, Rasathanthrum become hit??? Narasimham & Thampuran are mega hit but they have a strong script(by Rengith not Shahid). Now the future project of lal ettan in this year is confusing mee. becase one is Renjiths!!!! and another is Thulasidas!!!!! then Siby Malayil!!!!!! in between then paradesi. HELLO yiluda kittiya 'Apara Form' lal ettan nashttapeduthumo????

  • aswinlaal

    Total Posts:79
  • Posted On: 20/Aug/2007 23:28:18
    Lalettan ini "meesha pirikkuvanenkil" there should be some extraordinary script & theme for the film...With Narasimham a standard was set...(which was a GREAT film in every aspect...script,action,dialogues,sentimence etc..) So every other "meeshapiriyan" films are compared with that standard and so for that type of film to click again there should be an untold theme,story & good script.... HALLO was a variety and we saw that "pazhaya LALETTAN " in super form... Rafi-Mec exploited something different from our Lalettan.. I think Renjith learned lessons from Chandrolsavam,Prajapati etc....He has the ability & dont forget his past strong scripts 4 Lalettan...Rock n Roll will be a different movie......"College Kumaran" will succeed with the help of comedy waves created by HALLO......... LOVE LALETTAN.................Aswin

  • karthyani

    Total Posts:7
    Location:United States of America
  • Posted On: 21/Aug/2007 11:50:33
    Don't blame Shaji Kailas
    I read on some website (I believe it was Sify) that said that Lal fans are blaming the director Shaji Kailas for Ali Bhai's failure. I distinctly remember reading news a while back that Shaji had refused to do the project, and then later relented. So, I don't think it's his fault. It's either Perumbavoor or more likely Mohanlal himself who is to blame here. He is a superstar. He gets his pick of scripts. He has a responsibility to the viewers, and to the art of cinema to choose good scripts. Don't try to mimic the Tamil industry. When Malayalis watch Tamil movies we are willing to accept illogical situations, because we know going in that it's going to be "paandi". But, we expect more from a Malayalam movie. Especially a Mohanlal movie. So, Laletta, for your sake, for our sake, and most importantly for the sake of Malayalam cinema, read your scripts before you agree to a movie.

  • soumya2007

    Total Posts:182
  • Posted On: 22/Aug/2007 13:13:17
    ali bye
    is alibi good filim or not? i have not watched the filim yet. what is your Suggestion ? should i watch during onam ?
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