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rahulpppp sorry


  • rahulppppp

    Total Posts:118
  • Posted On: 29/Jul/2007 13:8:48
    rahulpppp sorry
    Hello every lal fan. if any body hurt by my thread . i say sorry for all. If you are the guy not like my thread plz tell me that don’t write thread in it. I will not write any thread on it. While I first writing thread the thing is in my mind is that it should be different from every body. if the receiver know every thing what the sender is sending. Then there is no information passing b/w them. if the probability that sending a particular information Is high then the probability that information is send is close to zero. This is every body know. in the website I seen that every body admiring lal and his films. Hay guys he does not want any admiration from any body. He is idol for kerala people. He is a great person. He is a tremendous actor. He has tremendous flexibility .No question about it.

  • hrishikesh

    Total Posts:145
  • Posted On: 30/Jul/2007 4:32:45
    Very happy to know you are a real mohanlal fan
    Yes, will definitely reply. You should understand that this website is strictly for lalfans and when somebody says bad about Lalettan that will definitely hurt us .So all of us were angry with you. One request to you .Dont feel bad about it. So many spelling and grammar mistakes which makes your thread difficult to understand. You have something in your mind but you are not able to express what you mean . I am advising you because you said you are a 10th standard student otherwise it would have been ok.Take care of your English seriously, bad english will affect your studies also. Always check your post once or twice before sending so that it is error free. You can correct your post after sending also.There is an EDIT option so that you can edit your own post and make any modification. Please make use of it

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