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Mammootty is better than Mohanlal.............?


  • unniannan

    Total Posts:4
    Location:Saudi Arabia
  • Posted On: 18/Jul/2007 4:35:28
    Mammootty is better than Mohanlal.............?
    Hai Iam Syam. Now I am @ Saudi. In my room we are 9 persons. Iam the only Mohan lal fan. They said Mammotty is better than Mohanlal. "Avanmarodu idichu nilkkan 2 point arenkilu paranju thaa pls....................!

  • kanamarayathu

    Total Posts:21
  • Posted On: 18/Jul/2007 8:0:25
    Mammootty is better than Mohanlal.............?
    mamootti is mamootty mohanlal is mohanlal

  • koolkid

    Total Posts:2
  • Posted On: 18/Jul/2007 13:31:11
    hi it's aprob: me too facing in coll!! orumaathiri njaan pidichu nilkkunnundu!!! we r less in no:!!! the main prob is that mammoty has got more awards than lalettan!! even though awrd is not a criteria!! the place earned in harts of millions of fans is the gr8 thing......................... but AWRD is still continuing as aprob!! baaki ella areayilum njangal avanmaare adichidum!!! ethoru prob: aanu chettan maare!!!!

  • lodestar

    Total Posts:350
  • Posted On: 19/Jul/2007 2:11:12
    DOnt WOrry
    Me too had such circumstances,will somehow keep shouting at them by praising laletan movies...without minding the credit of mammu.Only thing i lack is my health...Arogyam illa..ennittum njan pidichu nilkunnu...so for u all its a simpler job.Keep talking about laletan.

  • antoniocelin

    Total Posts:9
  • Posted On: 19/Jul/2007 2:40:28
    hi friend . . . .yor friends say . . .mamoos has more awards . . .but . . .its not . . .more . . .but only 1 more than lalettan . . .but lal will equal mamoos this year with paradesi n akasa gopuram . . . .

    tats the bottom line

  • mohanlallal

    Total Posts:36
  • Posted On: 24/Jul/2007 14:17:23
    i will not agrey
    mamootey will not know how to dance. commnedey acting ability of mammu is very low comparing with lal and also stund seen. punch dialoge presentation of lal is tromentous.but mammu s english punch is superb.lal is acted more no of hit songs than mammutey.lal has the ability of singing also. lal has 8 yeares less than mammu.lal = flexibility

  • mohanlallal

    Total Posts:36
  • Posted On: 24/Jul/2007 14:23:37
    ambatker is the filim that no body ever seened.it is the filim to see only for jurese only. i think mammutey have not got the avard but the ambathker,s role has the avard.in place of mammutey some other people did that role they will get the avard..

  • kingofacting

    Total Posts:272
  • Posted On: 28/Jul/2007 7:22:51
    mohanlal is much better than mamooty
    hi unni...............join http://www.forumkerala.com/viewforum.php?f=1 hereu will get y mohanlal is better than mamooty mohanlal had won 3national award 2bharath and 1 special jury(keeridam) award 2 of those movies which mohanlal got award were commercial hits,(bharatham,keeridam) mohanlal has most no of fans in kerala cnn ibn had selected mohanlal as the most popular keralite in 2006 mohanlal is an all rounder sings,dance,fight.......... last year mamu had only 1hit turupugulan lal had 5hits in every mean mohanlal is very much above mamooty
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