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Who is doing music for 'Sound of Music'?


  • vijay

    Total Posts:47
  • Posted On: 14/Jul/2007 6:8:52
    Who is doing music for 'Sound of Music'?
    Friends, any idea who is the music director for Renjith's Sound of music? From the name, it seems to be a film with lot of importance for music. But which music director in malayalam today has the capacity to take such big projects? Do we have a music director like the great Raveendran???

  • lodestar

    Total Posts:350
  • Posted On: 14/Jul/2007 8:33:7
    I heard
    Its Vidya sagar who did chandrolsavam

  • hrishikesh

    Total Posts:145
  • Posted On: 14/Jul/2007 9:52:34
    Of course YES
    Vidyasagar is the right choice.He is the best music director now.His songs have good variety.He can handle any kind of music ie pop, rock, melody, slow,dappankuthu,, fusion,classical,semiclassical etc.He is a talented man.Raveendrans strength is classical, semiclassical,melody.When it comes to classical Raveeindran is like God. But in Sound of music Laleettan is a drummer. So I think it is western music, for that Vidyasagar is the better choice.

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