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Please give your views on this news-MACTA Vs Mega M's!


  • hrishikesh

    Total Posts:145
  • Posted On: 1/Jun/2007 6:34:5
    Please give your views on this news-MACTA Vs Mega M's!
    Sify movies-A major war is brewing between MACTA and AMMA.Though MACTA says it wants to increase the bata of spot boys, drivers and other unit members; the real issue is that they want to cut down the "superstars of the industry". Recently MACTA chairman director Vinayan had come out with a controversial proposal that superstars should have less number of releases and stick to festival releases, and leave certain months in a year for the release of films of lesser stars! MACTA feels the superstars are the bane of the Malayalam film industry, as lesser stars films are finding it difficult to get playing time in theatres. So to cut the superstars to size, Vinayan has come out with this controversial proposal, which curtails the fundamental rights of an individual. The producers council, distributors and exhibitors association are with the stars. If the strike does take place, it will mean that the Onam releases will not make it to the theatres.


  • vijesh

    Total Posts:920
  • Posted On: 1/Jun/2007 23:57:25
    fool vinayan
    This is vinayan who want to downride superstars always. No superstars are giving dates to that jealous man. So he is trying hard. But noting will happen. No one can stop superstar's journey. He is really a fool. And reducing superstar movies is not a good idea and no theater owners and producers will accept it as they knows only then can bring people to theaters by maximum. Its not superstars but bad planning and bad script is the problem of Malayalam film industry. If so how nammal, classamtes, aniyathipravu, niram, etc movies became super hit here???????????? Ignore it.


  • johnb

    Total Posts:140
    Location:United Kingdom
  • Posted On: 2/Jun/2007 5:26:58
    Macta v Amma
    Instead of writing good scripts and making good movies, Vinayan is now creating troubles. If the strike takes place, it is going to spell disaster for malayalam movies.
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