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'Chayamukhi' is the first venture of 'Kalidasa Visual Magic', a production house promoted jointly by Mohanlal and another well-known Malayalam actor Mukesh , who plays the role of demon king 'Keechaka'. It was first staged at Kerala's cultural capital Thrissur on March 11th 2008.


The play revolves around a magical mirror 'Chayamukhi', gifted to Bheema by demon princess Hidumbi. The mirror never reflects the person, but the image of the beloved. If it was Draupadi for Bheema, it was Arjuna for Draupadi, he said.


Taking the story thread from the epic 'Mahabharata', playwright Prashant Narayanan has woven themes of unreturned love and celebration of life. He conceptualised ‘Chayamukhi’ after listening to an old woman’s folk tale while he was on a tour of Gujarat a few years ago. ‘Chayamukhi’ is a mirror that enables the viewer to see the image of the person he or she loves the most.


“I am delighted that we are finally going to stage ‘Chayamukhi.’ Mukesh and I have worked hard for this play,” says Mohanlal, who has been involved with theatre before. His ‘Karnabharam’ and ‘Kathayattom’ were widely watched and appreciated.


“I loved the thrill of being on the stage, in front of a live audience. And when Mukesh, mooted the idea of staging a play, I readily agreed. When I heard the theme of ‘Chayamukhi,’ I liked it immediately,” says Lal.

Photos by Sunil Elias

Posted on: Sunday, April 13, 2008



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