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Ali Bhai Christmas release

The Narasimham team of Antony-Mohanlal-Shaji Kailas is reuniting after a gap of six years with Ali Bhai being written by T.A Shaheed. Mohanlal plays Ali Bhai, a coolie at the famous Palayam market in Kozhikode. He is a tough as nail, no nonsense, fearless champion of the working class. According to Shaheed:" Ali has not read Das kapital or the communist manifesto but understands the mind and needs of the poor and downtrodden for whom he is a hero".

The buzz in the industry is that the film is a modern version of I.V Sasi's mega hit Jayan film Angadi(1980), based on coolie workers in Palayam market. But Antony denies it and says:"It is an out and out action movie with lots of sentiments, to showcase Lal Sir's mass hero image and will be a treat for his fans".

Mohanlal will be wearing a Lungi and a half sleeve baniyan throught the film. And the surprise element is that Mohanlal alias Ali Bhai will be speaking in Malabar Moplah dialect spoken by Kozhikode Muslims. The heroine will be a Bollywood girl, nearly all major supporting actors will be there in this big budget action movie with a huge canvass, that will start rolling from July first week

Posted on: Friday, May 19, 2006



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