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Mohanlal on Pranayam




It’s about love that doesn’t wither with age and fall apart with time. Blessy’s latest film ‘Pranayam’ is nothing but an ebullient celebration of love. The City Express team catches up with the cast and crew of the film at its Madurai location.


An amazing cast for an eternal love story - that’s precisely how one could describe director Blessy’s choice of actors for his upcoming movie ‘Pranayam’. All his lead actors are veterans who have been in the industry for more than two decades. To top it, the film is the coming together of three powerful performers in Indian cinema.


Busy shooting in the temple town of Madurai, the actors are all excited about the characters they are playing. “One of the most challenging roles I have ever played, Mathews, my character in the film also shares my personal perception of love,” says Mohanlal. “It is true that love is ageless and it transcends all barriers. Life is full of love, without it life will be meaningless,” he adds.


The actor who is still going steady after 21 long years in the industry says he has no plans to limit himself to one or two films a year. “I will stop acting when I feel like it, if I have a good script nothing will stop me from taking it up.”


The actor recalls with nostalgia his arrival in the Industry, “When Mammooty and I entered the industry there were gifted directors like Padmarajan, G Aravindan, Hariharan, M T Vasudevan Nair and others. It was a privilege to act in their films and it was their scripts which made us superstars,” he says.


Jayapradha, his costar in ‘Pranayam’, is happy to team up with Mohanlal a decade after ‘Deevadootan’, their first film together hit the theatres. “Mohanlal is down-to-earth and never gives us the feel that he is a big shot in the industry,” she says.


For her ‘Pranayam’ is as challenging a role as her performance in the much-acclaimed Tamil film ‘Salangai Oli’ opposite Kamal Hassan in the eighties. Jayapradha says despite her engagement in UP politics, her call sheet will be always full. “I am playing a powerful role of Rani Chennamma in a Kannada movie and I have also signed up for a cop’s role in a Bhojpuri film,” she reveals.

Asked about balancing politics and films she says, “I might be in a world of politics now but it is cinema that introduced me to that world. I am always indebted to it and to the people who love me. So I will continue my performance in big and small screens.”


Anupam Kher says he accepted the Malayalam project “because I fell in love with the script of director Blessy. He has given a different angle to the concept of love instead of the usual filmy depiction, and above all, regional movies are known for their intense scripts.”


Incidentally this is his third experiment with Mollywood. “Love is a universal language and emotions play a major role in it. That is something I am more familiar with and relate to. Also, people on the set helped me out,” he quips when asked how he managed to move his lips for the dialogue.


Unlike Jayapradha, who entered politics through films, Kher is not game for it. “I want to be away from politics but still work for the welfare of the people just like the Lokpal Bill issue. Recently, members in the House of Commons questioned British Prime Minister David Cameron and he was obliged to answer them. Why can’t we have the same scenario? A government, which is transparent and uncorrupted, will not hesitate to pass such a bill,” he says.


The director's take


For Blessy ‘Pranayam’ is nothing short of a dream come true. “It was the script I have been cherishing for 20 long years. The storyline was in my mind during my college days, but I never tried to put it in black and white, even while I was assisting Lohitadas,” he says.


The filmmaker adds it was only after ‘Kazcha’, his debut blockbuster, he could start scripting 'Pranayam’, which celebrates love. According to him, ‘Pranayam’ means the highest form of love.


“‘Pranayam’ is more than love and affection and it transcends all barriers of gender and age,” he says.


Arockiaraj & Suganya Haridass, Express News Service


Posted on: Tuesday, August 9, 2011



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